Sonntag - 19. August 2018

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Supply of insulation material and tools to ships and shipping companies.

We'd like to take this opportunity to inform you about the new energy saving, accident prevention and ship safety possibilities.

Through close collaborations with several shipping companies we have developed a simple and efficient method of determining the exact type of equipment and tools needed for simple insulation work at sea or in the harbour.

In the domain of ship safety and accident prevention it is extremely important to ensure that highly flammable liquids do not come in contact with hot pipes and ignite. This could put the ship, crew and cargo at risk.

Other hazards such as hand and arm burns or the resulting startle response may lead to crew downtime.

Several calls and e-mails with photo attachments are often necessary in order to provide the appropriate material, tools and equipment to satisfy the demand.

Click on the download link for PDF order forms or info sheets with tips on how to work the materials. (Download forms are unfortunately not yet available. Please check back at a later date.)

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