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Noise insulation in ship construction

Noise protection on all types of ships is becoming increasingly more important.
We remedy noise problems by installing noise protection hoods directly at the source.

If it is difficult to install hoods due to the shape of the source of noise (motor or engine) or the surrounding area (other components, pipes, electrical cabinets, etc.), it is still possible to absorb the noise through wall and ceiling insulation with perforated sheet metal panels.

Furthermore, it is also possible to to reduce structure borne noise by gluing additional panels onto the steel partitions and floor surfaces.
We can also install floating floors in high level decks.

Noise protection hood

A noise protection hood over the engine on the workboat "Rochen".


..another detailed view of the noise protection hood with stainless steel toggle clamps.

The noise protection hoods are made of perforated marine grade aluminium sheets


Noise protection insulation

The engine in this machine room could not be covered with a noise protection hood.

We installed noise protection on the machine room ceiling and covered this with perforated sheet metal panels. The noise reduction was higher than the required See BG Regulations (German Ship Safety Regulations)


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