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Overall range of services

We provide our services:

  • at any dockyard
  • on all types of ships
  • for new constructions or repair work

We porvide:

  • Insulation material and tools to shipping companies and boat owners

What we do:

  • Weld 3-5 mm insulation pins
  • Weld any type of 4-12 mm bolts
  • Install insulation in walls, ceilings and floors
  • Install floating and fixed floors
  • Install counter plates (acoustic insulation)
  • Install any type of wall and ceiling panels
  • Install any type of interior ship fittings
  • Insulate any type of piping and air ducts
  • Install any type of coamings
  • Construct and install acoustic panels
  • Insulate and encase exhaust systems
  • Measure, supply and install insulation mattresses
  • Install cold room units (conventional / panel)
  • Photo documentation for quality assurance

Köster GmbH & Co. KGZweiter Polderweg 20 · 26723 Emden • Tel. +49(0)4921-903434